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At Brookline Press, LLC our authors receive the utmost publishing amenities. Brookline Press, LLC assists its authors in their writing, editorial, design and marketing phases.

The Brookline Press, LLC Writing Panel: Brookline Press, LLC assists authors in getting their thoughts down on paper, whether it's directly or using professional writers (ghost writers). Brookline Press, LLC provides varying degrees of assistance to authors based on their specific publishing needs.

The Brookline Press, LLC Editorial Panel: Brookline Press, LLC has the capacity to provide its authors with feedback on their books through its editorial panel. This team will offer you an overall assessment of your book and constructive critique and proofreading where necessary, including grammar and spelling. We make sure our authors have all the tools they need to get their books published in the best condition possible.

The Brookline Press, LLC Design Panel: Not great at design or need a second opinion on the design you already picked out? Brookline Press, LLC's creative design department can critique or suggest ideas for your book cover, book layout, or assist in any other design issue you may encounter.

The Brookline Press, LLC Marketing Panel: You may have the best book in the world, but if nobody knows it exists, it will never get read! Now that your book is published, the next step is marketing. Brookline Press, LLC can help market your book and get it in the hands of the right readers.

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